The meaning behind Aurum D

So much comes in to a name - special meaning, history, branding and reputation. Aurum D came about on a girly spa day. I have always wanted to have my own product range and even when I was in high school, Mr. Vogel, my chemistry teacher had said that one day I would be a household name.... over two decades later and the formulation and ideas are finally being created.

The name Aurum D came to fruition on a girly spa day... back pre-covid when we could relax in a hot tub, have leisurely days by the pool and bond with our girlfriends. Being in the beauty industry, it is always my go to to have a relaxing spa day and be treated rather than always being the therapist. One of my best gal pals, Mish and I used have a quarterly spa day to catchup on life, relax and do a bit of market research.

I had just won my first award in the beauty industry and not only was I honoured to win the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) and Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) Beauty Therapist of the Year 2016, I also was selected as the Gold Award Winner - the Winner's winner for my contribution to the beauty industry. I was speechless (for those who know me... that's a rarity!!) I wanted to celebrate the accolade and also wanted to expand my entrepreneurial skills and share my knowledge about product ingredients by creating my own multipurpose range of skin and bodycare products.

Aurum means gold in latin, Au stands for gold in chemistry formulas, and my name has been shortened from Diana to D for many gold award, nickname and product ingredient comes together to form Aurum D as a name for my product range.

Using gold in skincare helps to retexture and repair the skin leaving it glowing and refreshed. Aurum D's motto is Glowing Skin for Life. My goal with creating a skincare range is to have a minimal regime with maximum impact and multipurpose products. Our skin is our biggest organ and to be able to use products all over the face and body makes travel skincare, sports skincare and home skincare much more simple and easier to be a Glowgetter!

To follow the Aurum D journey and to be in the know, for how to care for skin and augment your glow check our our @aurumdiana social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.

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