Travel Tuesday: Desert Island Beauty & Wellness - Part 3 Beauty Item

The third beauty item that I would take to a desert island is a lash serum. It can be used on both the eyelashes and eyebrows and it promotes natural hair growth to lengthen and thicken the eyelashes and stimulates the eyebrows to grow helping to add more definition to the eyes.

Eyelash serum was developed to boost natural eyelash growth to help women enhance their beauty naturally. These serums are made using fatty acids and conditioning peptides with a variety of nutrients and vitamins to boost eyelash growth. They are easy to apply at home, just sweep the gel along the edge of your eyelashes like applying eyeliner close to the eyelid using the wand included. It's best to apply every night before bed, go to sleep and let the serum work its magic. Lash serums have an accumulative affect, so need several weeks to boost growth before the first results are noticed.

One of my beauty essentials is a lash conditioning and growth serum called LiLash. This product was recommended to me by a client who has Bambi eyes. I asked her how she maintained these beautiful long thick lashes while we were doing a lash lift. She said she uses this lash serum and her lashes had naturally thickened and lengthened in 6-8 weeks! I then researched the product and contacted the US based company asking for a sample - WOW my eyelashes doubled in length during the test period and I have been using it ever since! I now import it from the United States to share with my Clients and am one of the only salons south of London to sell it! It is a natural alternative to getting eyelash extensions.

This serum has won several awards and is rated in the top six best lash serums in the world for 2020. I would recommend introducing it to your beauty regime gradually. Start using it every 2-3 nights for the first couple of weeks and build up to using it daily. I apply a thin line along my upper lash line and along my brows every night to maintain thickness and length naturally. My lashes have doubled in length and my brows are naturally thicker, I have tried other brands over the years, but this one continually produces results! It takes 4-6 weeks to notice the initial thickness and within 90 days the lashes are noticeably longer and thicker.

Lupinus Albus Seed Extract is a natural plant based peptide that helps to protect and strengthen the hair. When this is applied to the lashes within the growth serum the lashes grow longer, thicker and stronger.

Prunus Amygdalus Seed Extract is extracted from the seeds of a sweet almond tree. Like other plant oils it is loaded with skin nourishing ingredients and high in fatty acids oleic (up to 86%) and linoleic acids (up to 35%). This oil is high in vitamins B and E which are known for their softening, smoothing and moisturising properties. The extract helps to condition the lashes and brows leaving them feeling soft and silky as the lashes grow longer and thicker.

By using this product regularly it stimulates the natural lashes to grow and with continued use the lashes begin to thicken and curl. In the heat and with limited resources on a desert island, maintaining a longer fuller appearance with a natural curl would be important to me. This helps to open and frame the eye area, and with a pre-holiday eyelash tint it looks like you're wearing makeup!

LiLash is available from our online shop

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