Signature spritz

Signature spritz


Our spritz is designed with multi-purpose in mind.  It can be used as a mist for your face before applying moisturiser or to refresh during the day.  It can be used as a pillow spray to help promote a deeper sleep.  It can also be used to freshen up your hair.  


It is an all natural product that does not contain any alcohol so it is safe to use in direct sunlight and all over the body. 


Our Signature Scent is a combination of cedarwood, ylang ylang and lavender. Diana chose to combine these ingredients to give a you a 'virtual hug'. 


Cedarwood is grounding, deeply relaxing, promotes feelings of safety and tranquility and enables a better quailty of sleep. 


Ylang Ylang is relaxing but gives the mood a boost and promotes good memory and thinking skills.  A restorative oil to help you unwind and process the daily events. 


Lavender is a well known ingredient for relaxation, and it helps to soothe and calm the mind and body. 

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  • How to use:

    - spritz 2-3 sprays on face, pillow or hair to refresh the skin and relax the mind. 

  • Ingredients:

    Distilled water and AURUM D Signature Scent (essential oil blend - cedarwood, ylang ylang and lavender) 

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